a new kind of food company

At heart, we are creators—pioneers in creating on-trend, great-tasting, responsibly produced food. Food that people enjoy and feel good about. Food that is sensitive to the planet and its resources. Food that proves to the world that a new way of doing business in our industry not only works, but also thrives. We want to continually innovate and reimagine what is possible, to change the way the world eats for the better.


emerging brands

Throughout our history, we have successfully identified and acquired high-growth businesses and developed them into category leaders. We evolved Silk® and Alpro® from niche soymilk brands into a broad range of plant-based food and beverage products. Our coffee creamer business started as three International Delight® flavors of creamer products and today has annual sales of nearly $1 billion. Horizon® grew from a small organic yogurt brand to the top-selling milk brand in the U.S.—conventional or organic.


strong categories

We are positioned to continue our sector-leading sustainable growth and creation of shareholder value based on strong brands in the flourishing categories of plant-based foods and beverages, coffee creamers and beverages, premium dairy, and organic greens and produce, fruits and vegetables. We excel at identifying new categories, capitalizing on emerging consumer trends and understanding our consumers’ needs. By leveraging our research and development, marketing and commercial capabilities, we delight consumers with a wide range of great-tasting products.


commercial success

Our strong innovation and commercial capabilities enable us to manufacture, market and distribute products when and where our customers need them. We cultivate collaborative relationships with our retail partners that—combined with our marketing capabilities and brand strength—produce robust net sales growth. Strategic investments in our manufacturing footprint and diverse network of suppliers will allow us to continue scaling our business into the future. We also continually pursue operational cost reductions to strengthen our competitive position, expand operating margins and conserve the planet’s resources.


our vision

WhiteWave was built through a series of successful acquisitions. Silk, Alpro, Horizon, International Delight, Earthbound Farm® and So Delicious® Dairy Free have been combined into an integrated whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Through these acquisitions we anticipated product and category growth trends and expanded our geographic scope. With our extensive production capabilities, scalable infrastructure and track record of innovation, we back brands in attractive categories that can capitalize on global growth opportunities.


the future of food

Our joint venture in China is  designed to manufacture, market and sell a range of plant-based products in Asia under the Silk ZhiPuMoFang brand. In Europe and the Americas, there is high demand for wholesome, great-tasting, plant-based beverage choices. We are a growth company today and will become the model of our industry tomorrow. With a unique combination of passion, commitment, principles and performance, we are creating brands that are positioned where the world is headed, rather than where it has been.


and replenish

Producing food responsibly means making better choices, simply because it is the right thing to do. So we are making deliberate reductions to our waste, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions per pound of product produced across our manufacturing facilities. And we will continue to find new and sustainable ways to source our ingredients and packaging while still producing and delivering products that people love. In addition to supporting environmental sustainability in everything we do, we also strive to make a difference in our communities and neighborhoods, particularly through programs that address critical issues like hunger.