We Are a New Kind of Food Company

At heart, we are creators. We’re creating a new kind of food company, one that can shape and define the future of food. We’ve already helped create some of the biggest consumer trends in food.

Our Company+

With our pioneering Horizon, Silk, So Delicious, Alpro, Vega™, Earthbound Farm and International Delight brands, WhiteWave Foods made alternative food choices mainstream, creating not just new categories, but also a new consumer mindset. Today, great-tasting, nutritious, innovative foods like ours are no longer the exception in grocery stores. Consumers expect and demand new choices ⎯ and every day, WhiteWave delivers them.

Our company’s history is rooted in the spirit and principles of small food. But The WhiteWave Foods Company has the scale and resources of big food, which allows us to bring better food to more people.

Uniting the best of big and small also means maintaining constant focus on our environmental and social responsibilities. We work to reduce waste, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions throughout our operations, focusing on our plants and our company-owned farms. We are also champions for food security, lending our support to national hunger relief organizations and those that operate in our local communities.

Our Culture+

The chance to change the world for the better is powerful motivation. People want to work at The WhiteWave Foods Company because we’re creating a different kind of food company, one that combines the spirit and principles of small food with the scale and resources of big food. Many talented people choose a career at WhiteWave over other opportunities because they are inspired by our vision. Everyone at WhiteWave wants to make a difference in the future of our company.

There’s energy in our culture, powered by a sense of great potential. We hold each other to high standards and reward each other when we meet them. Whether you’re talking to an employee at a company-owned dairy farm in Maryland or a marketer in Belgium, our people will tell you they believe that working at WhiteWave gives them the chance to do work that matters, to make a real impact. The opportunity to make a difference shows, in our hallways, on our farms, in our plants, and in the stores where people shop.

How We Operate+

Our culture encompasses an entire ecosystem of traits: the softer skills needed to see new possibilities and the harder skills needed to execute at scale. It’s this ecosystem that makes us different from other food companies.

These unique traits make all the difference between saying that we want to change the way the world eats for the better, and actually being able to do it.