We See a Better Way

WhiteWave is changing the way the world eats for the better®. We are a community of purpose-driven employees shaping the food industry through a powerful combination of passion and experience. By creating and leading high-growth food categories including plant-based foods and beverages, organic produce, wholesome dairy products and flavorful coffee creamers, we give more people better access to the foods they love.

Our Values

We look to our Values to find the best path forward and guide how we will drive this change. Our Values are a collection of simple but deeply held beliefs that were created by our employees and define who we are and what is most important to us.

Producing food responsibly means making better choices even when people aren't watching.

At WhiteWave, we take ownership of our outcomes. We must continue the strong progress we've made in reducing our waste, water usage, and greenhouse gases companywide. But we know that’s not enough. We must also find new and responsible ways to source ingredients, package and label products, grow and manufacture food and improve the nutrition we offer while still delivering products people love.

No matter how much we grow or change, we must remember that this is a place where our doors are always open.

Authenticity is a strength. We are at our best when we are true to ourselves, support others to be themselves and foster the sharing of opinions and ideas. The balance between professionalism and informality keeps us connected as we work toward common goals. It's critical we preserve this way of working because it helps us collaborate better across departments, levels and countries. It keeps us authentic and honest with each other, while we create a fun, informal, and celebratory environment because we believe this makes us a better company.

WhiteWave is committed to the environment and our communities. We must find new, innovative ways to use our company's core skills to make an even bigger difference.

Our commitment takes two forms: efforts to support environmental sustainability; and efforts that make a difference in our local communities and neighborhoods, particularly programs that address hunger. Both initiatives have made a real impact, and we should continue giving our time and effort to help others. And as a company we can do more. We must share our core skills and our best practices to make an even bigger difference.

We come to WhiteWave for the same reason: to personally make a difference in the future of this company.

We must make a difference in the lives and careers of our employees by encouraging and inspiring them to grow professionally. This means developing and guiding individual careers, holding each other to high standards, rewarding our people and nurturing a positive culture. It means understanding the realities of our people's lives and accommodating them when possible. It means creating a workforce that is diverse in thought, experience, and outlook. It means treating others with respect – as you’d want to be treated yourself. And it means listening to each other and respecting each other’s opinions. If we do all of this, and create a fantastic work environment that allows every one of us to do our best work, we will become a better company.

Each and every one of us must come to work every day with the simple goal of doing better than we did the day before.

At heart, we are creators. And what we are creating is a new model food company that is shaping the future and achieving stand out performance. To keep doing this, we must understand that being a creator is not any single person's job at WhiteWave. It’s everyone’s job. Everyone has the ability to create something new, to see what is possible and then make it so. This will require that we do more than keep our promises; it means we never settle for the status quo, and constantly seek to amaze our consumers, customers, partners and, ultimately, our shareholders.

In a constantly changing world, we must bring a healthy ambition to our work, be nimble, adaptive, and always learning.

We must always be willing to change in order to create a new model food company. This means opening our minds and listening closely to everyone who has a stake in our business, from our customers and consumers to our partners and employees, so that we not only understand what people want, but also anticipate what they need. It means giving our people the freedom to take smart, calculated risks and share ideas. We must make sure we learn from our successes and our mistakes, and become a better company in the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2014-2015 CSR Report



2012-2013 CSR Report


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